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Shamanic Health & Life Coach­ing Services

Con­tact Dhyanjot@gmail.com to sched­ule your appoint­ment or to inquiry about services!

Mas­ter­ing the Self-Series of 7 Per­sonal Ses­sions:
A jour­ney of self dis­cov­ery and per­sonal alignment

What do you want out of life?
Develop your busi­ness and per­sonal rela­tion­ships
Under­stand how your past, present and future effect your life
Learn how to use yoga prin­ci­ples to man­age your life.
Dis­cover how to embrace each sea­son, day of the week, month, and 52 day cycle
Become aware of how the out­side world influ­ences your inside world
Real­ize how to take respon­si­bil­ity in your life know­ing that you are in charge of what hap­pens
Dis­cov­ery how your thoughts and actions cre­ate a karmic record
Learn to embrace all of your rela­tion­ships as if they are your great­est assets in life
I will help you cre­ate a plan, set goals and strate­gize your life

How it Works:

First step: Set Appoint­ment & Fill out ques­tion­naire sent via email
First Meet­ing:  Comprehensive-1.5 hr needed for ini­tial intake and assess­ment
$108 for Reg­u­lar Yoga Sound Heal­ing Par­tic­i­pant
$122 for Non-Yoga/Sound Heal­ing Par­tic­i­pant
Ses­sions 2–7:  1–2 hrs-Meet every 52 days
$75/hr for reg­u­lar Yoga/Sound Heal­ing Par­tic­i­pant
$85/hr for Non-Yoga/Sound Heal­ing Par­tic­i­pant and Out of Town
Skype and Face­Time options avail­able per request.

Prac­ti­cal appli­ca­tion–You only need to com­mit to 15 min­utes a day for your growth
Every­one is dif­fer­ent so rec­om­men­da­tions and strate­gies vary from per­son to person

How Often:
7 sessions-1 ses­sion approx­i­mately every 52 days-This is 364 days.

Each ses­sion includes a prac­ti­cal appli­ca­tion to apply in your daily life.
Each Client has per­sonal needs that are very dif­fer­ent from the next.
The time of each ses­sion will vary depend­ing on the needs of the client.  Typ­i­cally each ses­sion every 52 days is about 1 hour.
Spe­cial Price Break-$499 when you sign up for all 7 ses­sions at first appointment


Tantric Numerol­ogy Read­ing
$108(1.5 hr) Yoga Stu­dents
$122 (1.5 hr) Non-Yoga Stu­dent and Out of Town Clients
Skype and Face­Time options available

You will be given a prac­ti­cal yoga prac­tice that helps free you from every­day stress related to your Karma and help you bet­ter con­nect with your des­tiny.  You only need 15 min­utes a day.
Tantric Numerol­ogy helps you dis­cover how to over­come obsta­cles, con­nect with your intu­ition, devel­ops your rela­tion­ship with your des­tiny, and con­nects you with your gifts so you can be liv­ing your life path

Cat­e­gories of dis­cus­sion Include:  
Karma–To Bring you into bal­ance with the outer world
Des­tiny–In rela­tion to your past life expe­ri­ences
Gift–What you bring to the world and how to embrace your gifts
Soul–How to con­nect to with higher states of con­scious­ness beyond the phys­i­cal body.  Dis­cov­ery how to con­nect with your soul
Life Path– Dis­cov­ery what your pur­pose is in this life time
Why have a read­ing:  This read­ing brings your aware­ness so that your per­sonal and busi­ness life can be bet­ter aligned so you can dis­cover what in this life time will bring you the most hap­pi­ness and con­tent­ment.  Bal­anc­ing your Karma, under­stand­ing your des­tiny, and con­nect­ing with uni­ver­sal con­scious­ness with your soul will enable you to find more hap­pi­ness in your life by sim­ply shar­ing your gifts and ful­fill­ing your life path.

How to dis­solve your Karmic Bur­dens and Con­nect with your soul. Receive a 11–31 per­sonal prac­tice to bring bal­ance into your life and con­nect you with your des­tiny and your life Path
 $108 Yoga Stu­dents  $125
 all oth­ers   (1.5 hr)
Add chore­o­graphed music to match yogic prac­tice $22
I will dis­cover and deter­mine your life path and match it with a kriya (set of pos­tures) and med­i­ta­tion com­bined with client’s per­sonal inten­tions. Music is moti­va­tional based vibra­tion to help you through your prac­tice with the use of sound.


Stu­dio Sound and Light Sacred Jour­neys:
(Ses­sions can be an astral travel or 
ther­a­peu­tic sound entrainment)

1 hour Session-$65 ( Sin­gles only and only after 1st ses­sion)
1.5 hour Session-$95 (Rec­om­mended and 1st ses­sion required)
2 hour Session-$125
Add $25 for color, energy, and fre­quency analy­sis prior to and after ses­sion.
Five 1 hour ses­sions:  $300
Five 1.5 hour ses­sions:  $425
Five 2 hour Ses­sions:  $575

Cou­ples Add: $40 per ses­sion
Triples Add: $60 total per session

Note:  Each Ses­sion varies in the amount of time you are under the light.  I do a Reiki attune­ment for each ses­sion and other shamanic tech­niques to pre­pare you for each ses­sion.  Most 1 hour ses­sions are 20–30 min­utes under the light and 1.5 hour ses­sions are between 35 min­utes to 1 hour under the light.  You may also opt for a 1.5 hour ses­sion that Extended 2 hour ses­sions may have you under the light for up to 1.5  hours.  All other time is in prepa­ra­tion mov­ing in and out of the light and sound sessions.

Types of Ses­sions:
1 Hour Ses­sion Options (these can also be 1.5 hour ses­sions that includes Reiki and other sound heal­ing tech­niques to max­i­mize your expe­ri­ence):

Bet­ter Brain Pro­cess­ing & men­tal reten­tion
Cog­ni­tive Sup­port & GPA Boost
Inter­nal Water Flow-Great for Hor­monal Bal­ance
Psy­chic Phe­nom­e­non & bliss
Color Ther­apy Jour­ney
Gold Path of Reju­ve­na­tion
Dis­pelling dark­ness and Depres­sion

1.5 Hour Ses­sions (recommended):

Deep Relax­ation and Men­tal Flow
Lucid Dream Intu­itive Awak­en­ing
Euphoric Cre­ativ­ity & Flow
Pain Management-Serotonin & Endor­phine stim­uli
Men­tal Clar­ity and focus
Deep Intro­spec­tion and Clar­ity
The Color Ther­apy Jour­ney
Cre­ative Genius
Mind Art and Cre­ative Expan­sion
Intense Jour­ney Beyond Light
Love Heals
Love and Union-2 per­son Inti­mate expe­ri­ence
Peace and Con­tent­ment
Star light Dance with the Uni­verse
Sub­con­scious power awak­en­ing
Deep Sleep
Deep Theta Med­i­ta­tion #1
Tak­ing A Trip

Bet­ter Brain Pro­cess­ing & men­tal reten­tion
Cog­ni­tive Sup­port & GPA Boost
Inter­nal Water Flow-Great for Hor­monal Bal­ance
Psy­chic Phe­nom­e­non & bliss
Color Ther­apy Jour­ney
Gold Path of Reju­ve­na­tion
Dis­pelling dark­ness and Depres­sion

1.5 Hour Advanced Ses­sions:
Advance focus, mem­ory, alert, & pos­i­tive think­ing
Advanced Learn­ing & mem­ory Entrain­ment
Advanced Cog­ni­tive Flow
Advanced Imag­i­na­tion and Dreams
Advanced Cre­ativ­ity and emo­tional pro­cess­ing
Advanced Light Chan­nel­ing and Visu­al­iza­tions
Deep Relax and Inner Ton­ing
Deep Destress and Relax
Deep Theta Journey

2 Hour Ses­sions (Advanced-At least one prior ses­sion of 1.5 hour required)
Chakra Cleans­ing Jour­ney
Advanced Love Heals
Advance Deep Theta Jour­ney
Advance Astral Travel #1
Advanced Astral Travel #2

2.5 hour Ses­sions (advanced-A min­i­mum of 2 ses­sions 0f 1.5 hour required)-$160
Astral travel with Reiki and Sound Attune­ment
Astral Travel #2 with Reiki and Sound Attunement

3 Hour Session(advanced-A min­i­mum of 2 ses­sions 0f 1.5 hour required) -$225
Spe­cial arrange­ments need to be arranged for these highly advanced ses­sions
Deep Sub Con­scious Cleanse and Cog­ni­tive Support 

4.5 Hour Session:(advanced-A min­i­mum of 2 ses­sions 0f 1.5 hour required)-$299 
Spe­cial arrange­ments need to be arranged for these highly advanced ses­sions

Deeper Sub-conscious cleans­ing and Cog­ni­tive Support

Fre­quency Analy­sis and Sound Entrain­ment Pro­gram:
Find out what fre­quency you are cur­rently vibrat­ing at and dis­cover tech­niques to adjust and re-establish a new desired fre­quency based on con­sul­ta­tion and emo­tional fit­ness test.

Ini­tial Fre­quency con­sul­ta­tion with Emo­tional Fit­ness Questionnaire-Techniques will be given to max­i­mize your per­sonal mind syn­chro­niza­tion goals.
$108–1.5 hours In per­son or Skype/Face­Time

Reiki Sound and Light Heal­ing Ses­sion: (Locals Only).  Dis­tance Reiki Sound Heal­ings avail­able upon request.

$65–1 hour In per­son ses­sions after ini­tial consultation-Price deter­mined by loca­tion
$95–1.5 hour In per­son sessions-after ini­tial consultation-Price Deter­mined by location

Note: For an upgrade of $25 locals can add in a 30 minute fre­quency analy­sis and rec­om­men­da­tion for their ses­sion.  Oth­er­wise you choose from a selec­tion of inten­tions that may include:

Enhance learn­ing, Energy and Joy, Focus and Awake, Deep Intro­spec­tion med­i­ta­tion, Stress Relief and relax­ation, Enhanc­ing cre­ativ­ity and Dream­ing, Space Trance to altered state of real­ity, Deep sleep, Fan­tasy and play, and Shamanic Meditation.

$333 for 30 day sound entrain­ment pro­gram based on analy­sis.
Pro­gram includes fre­quency analy­sis; three pri­vate, phone, Skype/facetime con­sul­ta­tions; guid­ance; a spe­cial Med­i­ta­tion;  and an MP3 or other audio track of the spe­cific fre­quency to meet your needs.  For this to be effec­tive process then you must be will­ing to lis­ten to an audio track for a min­i­mum of 11 min­utes a day and do med­i­ta­tion for another 11 min­utes a day.  Ses­sions are avail­able in per­son or out of town. Each 30 day client will be pro­vided with a spe­cific fre­quency to lis­ten to daily along with a med­i­ta­tion to meet their fre­quency entrain­ment goals.

Skype and Face­Time options avail­able

Sound and Light Entrain­ment options:

Com­bin­ing Reiki/Shamanic tech­niques with the use of Isochronic bin­au­ral beats, tun­ing forks, singing bowls, and light gong to bal­anc­e and heal­ the body

Sound Ses­sion Ses­sions Type 1:
Ses­sions most effec­tive a min­i­mum of once a week
Entrain­ment sound sys­tem to help adjust the ner­vous sys­tem with sound for a spe­cific purpose:

Learn­ing and think­ing

Sound Heal­ing Ses­sion Type 2:
Ses­sions most effec­tive once a week/once a month

Chakra Clear­ing
Heart Bal­ance
Third Eye Bal­ance
Auto­nomic Ner­vous sys­tem bal­ance
Pelvic Bal­ance
Visu­al­iza­tion opti­miza­tion and open­ing
Joint Health
Lym­phatic energy cleansing

Sound Ses­sions Type 3:
Ses­sions most effec­tive at min­i­mum once a week/once a month
Brain Wave Tuning:

Delta (enhanc­ing sleep)
Theta(enhancing cre­ativ­ity and mys­ti­cal expe­ri­ences)
Alpha (enhanc­ing performance-sports etc)
Beta (enhanc­ing, bal­anc­ing or reduc­ing Beta-Activities)

Inquiry about group rate dis­counts or off site pricing


Off Site: Per­sonal and Cou­ples Sound Bath “Mas­sage”–It is a sound bath that feels like a mas­sage with­out any hands ever lay­ing upon your body.  Per­sonal sound baths open up chan­nels of energy that enhance the heal­ing process in the body leav­ing you feel­ing fresh and renewed.

1 hour:  $111 sin­gle off site/$144 cou­ples*
(travel within 15 miles of 805/8 interchange-further dis­tances extra charge applies)
1.5 hour: $137 Singles/ $165 Cou­ples*
(Includes Reiki and Tun­ing fork tun­ing for rela­tion­ship align­ment)
2 hour:  $155 Singles/$190*
(Includes Reiki and Tun­ing fork tun­ing for rela­tion­ship alignment)

*All ses­sions are per­son­al­ized for cou­ple
*Per­sonal Sound Baths start at $55–77 per hour for on site (no travel)


Gong Lessons:

Level 1 Gong Lessons: Learn to play the gong in three short– 1.5 hour ses­sions
$350–399-three sessions-Onsite only-*These lessons have helped many who have been intro­duced to gongs in a group les­son take their play­ing to the next level

Level 2–7-Alchemist Gong Les­son (Cer­tifi­cate Pro­gram):  Learn advanced tech­niques, med­i­ta­tions, and using the gong in your classes or as a sound healer. Each level is $499. Each level has three or four pri­vate 1.5 hour lessons. Level One required. If you have basic gong play­ing and tech­nique then you may be eli­gi­ble for Alchemy train­ing. You are required to take at least one level 1 class for $108 to be opt out of level one before mov­ing onto level 2–7.

Level 8–11-Gong Mas­tery Gong Lesson(Advanced Cer­tifi­cate Pro­gram):  Learn how to cre­ate heal­ing ses­sion, mul­ti­ple gong sound ses­sions, and Gong Immer­sions.  Also learn tech­niques for using the gong for all heal­ing modal­i­ties includ­ing Reiki, Heal­ing Touch, and Sat Nam Rasayan, Alchemist Level 1–7 is a pre-requisite.  Gong Mas­tery Cer­tifi­cate pro­vided upon completion

*spe­cial dis­counts apply to gong pur­chases when you are a gong les­son stu­dent
*Gong stu­dent may get an oppor­tu­nity to play dur­ing gong immersions


Sound Bath and Gong Par­ties:
Cre­ate your own theme or pur­pose for event
1.5–2.5 hour options
Starts at $199 for 1.5 hours for 1–3 people-2–3 gongs
Inquiry on prices for 4 or more people-dhyanjot@gmail.com
within 15 miles of the 8/805 interchange-San Diego
Addi­tional fee applies for longer travel times, larger par­ties, and addi­tional peo­ple
* All par­ties vary depend­ing on Audi­ence and spe­cial requests
*All ses­sions use gong mas­tery, entrain­ment, res­o­nance and other sound heal­ing tech­niques
*You may request addi­tional instru­ments of sound such as a didgeri­doo, Shruti, hand pan, etc for an addi­tional fee-based on availability


Reiki Heal­ing -
$65 per 1 hr session-Yoga Stu­dent Rate
West­ern def­i­n­i­tion is “uni­ver­sal life force”.   Dr. Usui’s heal­ing method that includes teno­hira or palm heal­ing used as a form of com­ple­men­tary and alter­na­tive med­i­cine.  Teno­hira is a tech­nique where prac­ti­tion­ers move “heal­ing energy” (a form of ki) through the palms of the hand.  Reiki heal­ings chan­nel heal­ing energy to clients and assist in ener­get­i­cally com­mu­ni­cat­ing between dif­fer­ent areas of the body that are out of balance.

Reiki Heal­ing (with gong, tun­ing forks & singing bowl vibra­tion heal­ing) -
$85 per 1.5 hours-Yoga Stu­dent Rate
Dis­tance Reiki Healing-$55/hr
This ses­sion includes a Reiki heal­ing ses­sion along with a neu­tral­iza­tion of the imbal­ances of the body through the heal­ing vibra­tion of sound such as the gong, singing bowls, and tun­ing forks.

Vibra­tional Sound Heal­ing with Gong

Starts at $65 (1 hr) or $85 (1.5 hrs)
Sound is the most pow­er­ful heal­ing tool known to man.  Every­thing is made of sound or vibra­tion at the micro level.  Dif­fer­ent fre­quen­cies cre­ate spe­cial vibra­tions that move deep into the cells of the body to re-organize and align them back into per­fect harmony.


Pub­lic Yoga Classes – see Yoga Sched­ule – Stu­dio prices vary — $14-$20 per class Spe­cial Dis­counts apply for multi-class passes

Pri­vate Yoga Ses­sion — $77 (1 hr) On Site
Ses­sion will be based on per­sonal inten­tion and will include a pri­vate kriya (set of pos­tures). Kriya’s, pranayams and med­i­ta­tions address imbal­ances in areas such as weight, addic­tion, self empow­er­ment, stress, anx­i­ety, ten­sion, depres­sion, diges­tion, immu­nity, per­sonal growth, pros­per­ity, flex­i­bil­ity, back pain, body cleans­ing, and much more.

Pri­vate Yogic Ther­apy — $77 (1 hr) (on site)
Per­sonal dis­cus­sion address­ing con­cerns and imbal­ances in areas such as weight, addic­tion, self empow­er­ment, stress, anx­i­ety, ten­sion, depres­sion, diges­tion, immu­nity, per­sonal growth, pros­per­ity, flex­i­bil­ity, pain, body cleans­ing, and much more.

Pri­vate Yoga Session/Training–Offsite(yoga stu­dio or in home) for 2 or more students-Starts at $108 a 1 hour session(Includes Yoga Space if needed).  Add $10 for each addi­tional Stu­dent.  Add $55 for each addi­tional hour

Life Coach or Rela­tion­ship Coun­sel­ing-
$108 (1.5 hrs) first appoint­ment
Fol­low up Coun­sel­ing
$65 (1 hr)


Stress Man­an­age­ment Sessions:

Cor­po­rate Stress Relief Sound Ses­sions–These ses­sions use the res­onates of gongs and other bin­au­ral  rhythms to help entrain the body to release stress nat­u­rally while men­tally stim­u­lat­ing the mind to enhance men­tal clar­ity, focus and con­cen­tra­tion at work
45 minute sessions-Mid Day Ses­sions
Price Ranges from $75-$110-Depending on client needs
All Ses­sions vary depend­ing on audi­ence and needs of client

Includes:  Stress relief exer­cises; Sound bath “power nap”; stim­u­lat­ing breath­ing exer­cises with bin­au­ral sounds to ener­gize the minds abil­ity to focus and concentrate.

Cor­po­rate Stress Relief Yoga -
Price Varies Depend­ing on loca­tion and needs of the client
Mid-day 45 minute yoga ses­sions
Starts at $75 per class or price per stu­dent TBD

Stress Relief “Talks“
Series of 6 talks relat­ing to stress relief in the work place
Tech­niques on nutri­tion, lifestyle and phys­i­cal activ­i­ties to reduce stress and enhance energy.

Stress Relief Detox and Weight Man­age­ment Pro­gram
“Take care of your body and take con­trol of your life cleanse“
3 Day “Intro” to Cleanse Pro­gram
7 Day “Power” cleanse Pro­gram
11 Day “Evo­lu­tion” cleanse Pro­gram
30 Day “Reju­ve­na­tion” Cleanse Pro­gram
90 Day Weight Man­age­ment Program-This is for indi­vid­u­als clients only
Prices vary-depending on client needs and num­ber of participants


Nutri­tion Con­sul­ta­tion -
$108 Ini­tial Con­sul­ta­tion: 1.5 hours/$125 for Non Yoga Stu­dents
Includes: Health Assess­ment, Con­sti­tu­tion Eval­u­a­tion and Ini­tial Rec­om­men­da­tions
Fol­low Up Ses­sions
$77 per session/$65 per ses­sion for Dhyan­jot Yoga Stu­dents (1 hr)
Skype and Face­Time options avail­able for out of town clients

Com­pre­hen­sive Con­sti­tu­tional Rec­om­men­da­tion (very exten­sive and Includes two appoint­ments) — $399

Fol­low up con­sul­ta­tions – in per­son $65/hr for Dhyan­jot Yoga Stu­dents (Options for phone* or email* Con­sul­ta­tions) $75 for non-students

*Phone coach­ing options:  $1 per minute (min­i­mum 20 min­utes per call-client must be on retainer for phone consultations)*billing charges will be sent weekly via email

*Email coach­ing option:  $15 per email(can vary based on request or needs)-Based on addi­tional coach­ing on present diet rec­om­men­da­tions (no charge for clar­i­fi­ca­tions on present rec­om­men­da­tions).  If Addi­tional charge will apply quote will be given, billing will be noted on return email

Rec­om­men­da­tions may include:
Strate­gic Diet Guid­ance and Sup­ple­ments, Life Style Rec­om­men­da­tions, Breath­ing Exer­cises, Per­sonal Med­i­ta­tion, Per­sonal exer­cises which may include Yoga Move­ments or postures.

House calls– extra fee apply


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