Yogi Bhajan on the Zodiac Signs

The Twelve Signs

By Yogi Bhajan

The zodiac sign is always sym­bolic to a per­son. It means that this is your base. This is what you have been granted in rela­tion to the ani­mal nature. From this com­par­i­son of the ani­mal nature, you are sup­posed to grow into a human being with a cal­iber that is very noble and graceful.

Zodiac sign sym­bols were made for man. Astron­omy is what the heav­ens are. Astrol­ogy is how the con­stel­la­tions are affect­ing, from the heav­ens, our exis­tence on the earth and what we should do to rise above it.


When the uni­verse and all its stars

Start danc­ing and cross­ing the orbit

Leav­ing trails of light in the tri­an­gles of the zigzag…

The very exis­tence and its loy­alty are called Aries!


When the meek becomes mighty

And right­eous­ness comes down into the cen­ter of the Self,

And soft­ness pas­sion­ately takes over the kindness…

The uni­verse comes through with a stand­ing ovation,

Bless­ing the grace of the power of the Lord.

That is the mighty bull, the Taurus!


When inno­cence loves innocence

And open­ness becomes secretive,

And the blend of the three worlds–

Past, present and future – comes to an end…

Then Gem­ini is experienced!


When all the stars dance around the moon

Reflect­ing the mighty sun in the dawn of the day

And in the beauty of the sunset…

The total sum is the chil­dren of the moon

Reflect­ing through tears

The Self and the selfless

That is the Cancer!


When I was whisk­ing away in the meadow

I heard the roar of the lion

And saw their pride laugh­ing at me,

Because I couldn’t be like them…

Mas­ter of the beast…Singha!


In the crys­tal Self

I saw the sophis­ti­cated plight of the cool­ness of the moon

And the light­ness of the breeze

Show­er­ing kisses in the morning,

And the beauty of a tiny crys­tal of dew – the purity of water

And the nur­tur­ing essence of fire below in the sun…

Eye was amazed being a Virgo!


When the Divine needs to be fig­ured out,

Abil­ity needs to be experienced,

Divin­ity needs to be practiced,

And the human wants to see the light…

The bal­ance of Libra cre­ates har­mony with ecstasy of consciousness

To pre­serve the dig­nity of all liv­ing creatures.

The domain of Libras exists

In that sus­tained state of consciousness

Where the law of life is balanced.

In that exis­tence the human can serve

The dark and the light

With the equal­ity of love.


When all the akashic records are seized to be one

With the force o the wind and the power of the stars,

And when the Lord of the air and ego

Attacks and eats the con­scious­ness of the world…

The danc­ing cobra, Scor­pio, is realized!

From noth­ing to everything…

From every­thing to nothing…

In one moment!


When the power of the beast sur­passes all limits,

And when the Infin­ity merges in the bounty of realization,

The sophis­ti­ca­tion of that virtue is the Sagittarius!


When all move­ment comes to an end

And end­less becomes endlessness…

When the total­ity of God

And the mighty sense of the beauty of wisdom

Enjoys the rela­tion­ships with the lofty char­ac­ter of firmness…

Capri­corn is born to glo­rify the world for his total firmness!


When the most won­der­ful and exalted Self of the being,

Starts flow­ing like heav­enly nectars

In the very being of all that it sees, touches, smells and penetrates…

In that flow of life, Aquar­ius exists as a lily in a pool of water.


Every­thing from begin­ning to end

In the beauty and the bias of life

Which runs in circles

And keeps the his­tory of the uni­verse in records,

Chas­ing from tail to tail…

And when all the char­ac­ter­is­tics of the character

Become hum­ble and re-emerge to resurrect…

Then Pisces is born!

Like a slip­pery fish which can­not live with­out water,

Though water can live with­out it,

To prove the glory of non-existence

In the exis­tence of tomorrow.

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Meditation in Action-Times and Cycles

Action of Meditation

“Prayer is when the mind is one-pointed and man talks to Infin­ity. Med­i­ta­tion is when the mind becomes totally clean and recep­tive, and Infin­ity talks to the man.” ~Yogi Bha­jan, The Aquar­ian Teacher Train­ing manual

When to Meditate

Any­time that works for you, par­tic­u­larly if it is the same time every day. Keep in mind that first thing in the morn­ing, the amrit vela is best because it sets you for the whole day and is nat­u­rally a quiet, reflec­tive time (espe­cially before sun­rise). In the evening (at sun­set or just before going to bed) is also a good time.

Med­i­ta­tion Location

Choose a place you won’t be dis­turbed, feel vul­ner­a­ble, or get dis­tracted. Try to use the same place daily. Make it your spot; you can fill it with can­dles, flow­ers, spir­i­tual images and/or pic­tures of beau­ti­ful places, and any­thing else that is uplift­ing, calm­ing, inspir­ing. Sit on a sheep­skin, nat­ural fiber blan­ket or, if needed, a firm cush­ion or on a chair ded­i­cated for this purpose.

Com­mit to a Meditation

What­ever med­i­ta­tion you choose to do, to get the max­i­mum ben­e­fit, fully com­mit to doing it for a cer­tain amount and length of time. Keep in mind that 3 min­utes a day is more effec­tive than 31 min­utes once a week. If you do miss a day, don’t beat your­self up, just start again and keep up!

Tune-in with the Adi Mantra

Chant Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo three times before begin­ning the med­i­ta­tion. You can also choose to do a yoga kriya or some warm-ups after tun­ing in. Lis­ten to the Adi Mantra here.

Set Your Intention

Have a clear pic­ture of what the result of this med­i­ta­tion will be for you. Why have you cho­sen to do it? The clearer your focus and inten­tion, the more power behind the med­i­ta­tion. You get what you project, so project the result.

Med­i­ta­tion Minutes

Yogic sci­ence says that there are spe­cific lengths of time needed for cer­tain desired effects in med­i­ta­tion. Thus, med­i­ta­tions (and exer­cises in a kriya) are held for a spec­i­fied period of time.

3 min­utes: Affects cir­cu­la­tion (blood) and elec­tro­mag­netic field.

11 min­utes: Changes glan­du­lar sys­tem and nerves.

22 min­utes: Bal­ances and coor­di­nates the three minds.

31 min­utes: Affects all the cells and rhythms of the body and all lay­ers of the mind’s projection.

62 min­utes: Changes the gray mat­ter of the brain. Inte­grates the sub­con­scious “shadow mind” and the outer projection.

2 1/2 hours: Holds the new pat­tern in the sub­con­scious mind by the sur­round­ing uni­ver­sal mind.

Each week we dis­cover a 3, 11, or 22 minute med­i­ta­tion in class to help explore dif­fer­ent aspects of your­self.  I use sound to help clear and guide you to a place of clar­ity to com­mu­ni­ca­tion with yourself.  

Con­tact me if you want to cre­ate a per­sonal prac­tice that is related to your per­sonal des­tiny and life cycles.  We will dis­cuss your per­sonal inten­tions in a yoga ther­apy ses­sion and dis­cover what daily med­i­ta­tion and length of med­i­ta­tion that would be ideal for you.  Most med­i­ta­tions start from 3–11 min­utes.  Give your­self 15 min­utes a day…it will change your life.  Con­tact dhyanjot@gmail.com for an appointment.

Med­i­ta­tion Cycles of Transformation

Com­mit­ting to a per­sonal prac­tice makes the med­i­ta­tion process of trans­for­ma­tion and self-discovery your own. To mas­ter the effects of a med­i­ta­tion, prac­tice it as a sad­hana, as a daily dis­ci­pline. This will develop a life-promoting habit. Habit con­trols us so much that it is said that we can actu­ally change our des­tiny by chang­ing our habits. We can use var­i­ous cycles of the human mind to help replace unwanted pat­terns of behav­ior with new, more pos­i­tive ones. Choose a med­i­ta­tion that suits your goals and/or inspires you, and com­mit to prac­tic­ing it over 40, 90, 120, or 1,000 days.

40 days: Change a habit.

90 days: Con­firm the habit.

120 days: You are the new habit.

1,000 days: Mas­tery of the new habit.

One of the most effec­tive med­i­ta­tion prac­tice is based on your own 52 day cycle. Each cycle includes a med­i­ta­tion that is adjusted each 52 days through yoga ther­apy coun­sel.  This is a very effec­tive way to really make an impact on your life.  Every­thing and every­one has an oppor­tu­nity to improve here in earth school.  To set your appoint­ment by  Con­tact­ing Dhyan­jot at dhyanjot@gmail.com

Your reg­u­lar med­i­ta­tion prac­tice can even­tu­ally lead you to a 30 to 60 minute prac­tice and med­i­ta­tion that devel­ops you and and your life path even fur­ther.    When you work on your­self you begin to change the world.  It all starts with you.  Then when you take your per­sonal dis­ci­pline  into class you strengthen the whole con­nect­ing to what is called “Brahma Hum” (we are one).

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Mushroom Immunity-Learn about Medicinal Mushrooms

As we move into Novem­ber and Decem­ber the weather and sea­son starts to change cre­at­ing envi­ron­men­tal stress on the body. In addi­tion other stresses that sup­press immu­nity include: Higher sugar con­sump­tion, high stress in our job or fam­ily life and the hol­i­day sea­son. A great way to main­tain the strength of a healthy immune sys­tem, in addi­tion to a stress reliev­ing, aura build­ing and prana strength­en­ing yoga prac­tice, is a herbal sup­ple­ment called andro­graphis and a good mush­room blend.

Andro­graphis (Abdri­graphis panac­u­lata whole plant extract) is a fan­tas­tic herbal extract that sup­ports the bod­ies nat­ural abil­ity to main­tain opti­mal well­be­ing, espe­cially dur­ing the stress cre­ated by sea­sonal change. It is well known for its immune enhanc­ing abil­ity. Syn­er­gis­tic herbs that work well with Andro­graphis are isis­latis tinc­to­ria root and leaf extract, lonicera japon­ica flower extract (hon­ey­suckle) and Sam­bu­cus nigra berry (Euro­pean Elder­berry). Together these herbs assist the body in healthy immune sys­tem response.

Med­i­c­i­nal mush­rooms or other fungi restore a poorly func­tion­ing immune sys­tem, improve the out­come of seri­ous ill­nesses, sup­ports kid­ney and liver func­tion, and strength­ens car­dio­vas­cu­lar func­tion. Mush­rooms are com­plex and have many health sup­port­ing abil­i­ties. The fol­low­ing mush­rooms have been fre­quently researched and are known for there effec­tive healthy immune sys­tem response. They include: Heri­cium Erinaceous-Lions Mane extract, Corte­ceps Sinemsis-Cordyceps, Temetes Veri­color– Cori­o­lus Ver­si­color, Gri­fola Fondosa-Maitake, Gan­o­derma Lucidum-Reishi, and Lentin­ula Edodes-Shiitake. Other nota­bles include: Poria Cocos, Phel­le­nis Lin­teus Agar­i­cus Blazei, and Inono­tus Obliquos-Chaga.

Lion’s Mane–Also used in Chi­nese med­i­cine for diges­tive tract ail­ments. Recent stud­ies has shown that the poly­sacharides present in Lion’s Mane have immune enhanc­ing prop­er­ties. It is also known to help stim­u­late the pro­duc­tion of a spe­cial­ized pro­tein called nerve growth fac­tor and is nec­es­sary for the growth of sen­sory neu­rons and has been proven in an in vitro study that an extract from the mush­room pro­moted myelin sheath growth on brain cells.

Cordy­ceps–It is most know for the ben­e­fits related to ath­letic per­for­mance includ­ing increased sta­mina, energy lev­els and endurance because of its ben­e­fits related to the lungs and kid­neys. Cordy­ceps are taken by patients of hepati­tis B and dia­bet­ics. Clin­i­cal uses include-Adrenal fatigue, asthma, chronic bron­chi­tis, decreased libido, and heart health. It has also been stud­ied and shown improved tol­er­ance in com­bi­na­tion with chemother­apy and radi­a­tion treat­ments when it is affil­i­ated with the lungs.

Cori­o­lus–The most stud­ied mush­room in the world. More than 400 stud­ies have been pub­lished that show a sig­nif­i­cant immuno-modulating prop­erty in both healthy and health com­pro­mised indi­vid­u­als. The main focus of Cori­o­luss is the pro­tein bound poly­sac­cha­rides and its main com­po­nent is the beta-D-glucan. Some of the clin­i­cal uses include sup­port­ing immune response when the immune sys­tem is suppressed.

Maitake–Val­ued both as a food and as a med­i­c­i­nal sup­ple­ment in Japan. It has been used for cen­turies in Japan as an adap­ta­genic nutri­ent that bal­ances the var­i­ous sys­tems in the body. Dr. Nanba and many other researchers have iden­ti­fied sev­eral mech­a­nisms through which maitake beta glu­cans pro­vide immune sup­port. Other uses include liver health, fatigue, and blood pres­sure balance.

Reishi–This mush­room has doc­u­mented his­tory of its health ben­e­fits for over 2000 years. Reishi is con­sid­ered an adap­ta­genic nutri­ent and is the most highly regarded med­i­c­i­nal mush­room and is one of the best choices for a gen­eral health tonic to improve over­all health and increase longevity. Reishi is also help­ful for alti­tude sick­ness, car­dio­vas­cu­lar health, blood sugar bal­ance, healthy inflam­ma­tion response and healthy liver func­tion. Many of Reishi’s poly­sac­cha­rides have demon­strated immune-enhancing properties.

Shi­itake–It is best used when affil­i­ated with cold, flu, and car­dio­vas­cu­lar health. Shi­itake is not only med­i­c­i­nal but known in the West as gour­ment food. The poly­sac­cha­rides with 1–3 beta-D-glucans link­ages along with beta-1, 6 D-glucopyranoside branch­ing give it its amaz­ing response to immune suppression.

Go to my Web­site www.evowellnu.com to check out the fol­low­ing great mush­room for­mu­las or go to www.jotyoga.com to check out immune sup­port yoga classes and sound healing

Andro­graphis Plus, Immu­core, and Myco­taki blend.  All great prod­ucts from my meta­gen­ics web­site.  Feel free to con­tact me at dhyanjot@gmail.com to set up a free phone con­sul­ta­tion and receive a spe­cial first time dis­count and free shipping.

Med­ical Note:  Many mush­room extracts act as an immune mod­u­la­tor and should be avoided when immune sup­pres­sive agents are used in such cases as organ transplants.

Any sup­ple­ment doses are noted for adults only. This is for edu­ca­tion pur­poses only and is not intended to diag­nose, mit­i­gate, cure, or treat any dis­ease. See your health care prac­ti­tioner for any health related ill­nesses or disease.

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Strengthening the Nervous System-3 Functions and Yoga

 Strength­en­ing the Nervous/Sensory System

When the ner­vous sys­tem is strong, noth­ing both­ers you.  It also stim­u­lates the pitu­itary and gives you an expanded intu­itive sense while mak­ing your mind clear and deci­sive.  If the aura and nerves are weak it is dif­fi­cult to act on your ideals.  I teach kriyas(exercises or actions) that help direct your­self with con­scious­ness and courage.  These kris and med­i­ta­tions help focus your con­nec­tion with your self through the self sen­sory sys­tem by devel­op­ing and strength­en­ing your ner­vous sys­tem so that all that receive is is what you attracted and what you project is clear, deci­sive and positive.

Ner­vous Sys­tem Anatomy and Phys­i­ol­ogy:
Why is the Ner­vous Sys­tem so impor­tant?
Because your whole body counts on smooth func­tion of the entire ner­vous sys­tem:  The three func­tions of the ner­vous sys­tem include sen­sory func­tions, Inte­gra­tive func­tions and Motor func­tions.  These func­tions together keep us in touch with our envi­ron­ments, main­tains home­osta­sis and accounts for thought, learn­ing, and memory.

First there is sen­sory input from the exter­nal envi­ron­ment relat­ing to sound, light, and tem­per­a­ture and sen­sory input from the body inter­nally from recep­tors detect­ing vari­a­tions in pres­sure, tem­per­a­ture, pH, car­bon diox­ide con­cen­tra­tions, and lev­els of elec­trolytes.  These sen­sory inputs are con­verted into elec­tri­cal sig­nals called nerve impulses that are trans­mit­ted to the brain.  Your deci­sions are made in each moment based on this sen­sory input when the brain brings the sig­nals together to cre­ate sen­sa­tions, pro­duce thoughts, or to add mem­ory.  This sec­ond func­tion is called inte­gra­tion.
Lastly the third func­tion is motor out­put that is based on the sen­sory input and inte­gra­tion.  The ner­vous sys­tem then responds by send­ing sig­nals to mus­cles, caus­ing them to con­tract, or to glands, caus­ing them to secrete.  Mus­cles and glands are called effec­tors because they cause an effect in response to direc­tions from the ner­vous system.

So why do you need to know all this?  Because your under­stand­ing and inten­tions behind your yoga prac­tice greatly impacts how you man­age your life and how you relate to oth­ers dur­ing your per­sonal devel­op­ment.  When you become aware and take respon­si­bil­ity for your actions then you become a co-creator of your real­ity.  This co-creation of your real­ity enables you to enhance your poten­tial. Ask your­self, will you choose to invest in your well being or will the world shape you…

Specif­i­cally, Kun­dalini Move­ments, mantra, and mudra are designed to strengthen your ner­vous sys­tem. The ner­vous sys­tem is the build­ing block of our human exis­tence.  It is impor­tant to under­stand why we chant cer­tain vibra­tions that cre­ate an effect as your tongue presses on dif­fer­ent parts of the palate;
It is impor­tant to know why we hold our hands in cer­tain mudras to direct the energy flow in the body for a cer­tain nerve response in its rela­tion­ship with the glands and skeletal/muscular sys­tems of the body.
It is also impor­tant to know why we move our bod­ies or hold a pos­ture for a cer­tain amount of time so that you can repro­gram your cells and re-train your bod­ies to live nat­u­rally with­out any pain.

Kun­dalini Yoga is a tech­nol­ogy that enhances the strength of your per­sonal energy so that it is directed and joined with uni­ver­sal con­scious­ness.  When con­scious­ness is joined in a group then any­thing is possible.

As you develop your poten­tial you will real­ize that your present sit­u­a­tion is not who you are but a resid­ual out­come of your past thoughts and actions.  Every new move­ment, every new thought, every new mudra, and every chant gets you closer to who you really are.  Cel­e­brate the true you.

Con­tact me at dhyanjot@gmail.com to apply for the “Mas­ter the Self” Con­sul­ta­tion.  All you will need is 15 min­utes a day.  It will change your whole life, develop your poten­tial, and con­nect you with your destiny.

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Understanding Influences of Karma

Deeper under­stand­ing of Karma and how do you over­come its influences:

Every­thing is stored in the Akashic records.  Noth­ing is ever lost or for­got­ten and karma is devel­oped for us to work through to dis­solve unre­solved entan­gle­ments and accrued emo­tional debts.  Work­ing through these unre­solved issues allows one to dilute the neg­a­tive impact from our past actions and turn them into pos­i­tive energy for our per­sonal poten­tial.  This enables you to take respon­si­bil­ity for your own des­tiny and begin to fol­low your true path.

Our past shapes what we are now and what we are to become in the future.  That is your des­tiny.  Every­thing is recorded and becomes apart of your mem­ory:  psy­cho­log­i­cal mem­ory, which is a com­bi­na­tion of old impres­sions, likes, dis­likes, and prej­u­dices. This mem­ory can be an obsta­cle to your health and rela­tion­ships.   The sec­ond kind of mem­ory is called tech­ni­cal mem­ory which is like sci­en­tific knowl­edge.  Tech­ni­cal mem­ory is not a detri­ment, in fact it is essen­tial to our every­day prac­ti­cal life.  It is how we cal­cu­late deci­sions so that we do not cre­ate harm to our­selves in this life.  Our psy­cho­log­i­cal mind col­ors our per­cep­tions of real­ity and some­times leads you to impul­sive behav­ior that causes pain, suf­fer­ing, and disease.

We must over­come these pat­terns and habits in the psy­cho­log­i­cal mind that have been stored and car­ried from incar­na­tion to incar­na­tion.  Whether you believe in incar­na­tions of the soul or not doesn’t really mat­ter because it is what it is whether or or not your intel­lec­tual mind wants to accept it.  You have noth­ing to lose to under­stand the con­cept so you may take cer­tain pro­ce­dures to influ­ence these pat­terns.  These old pat­terns can cre­ate healthy or unhealthy results in our lives.  In the book the Divine Doc­tor, by Joseph Michael Levry, he refers to the psy­cho­log­i­cal mem­ory as the seven karmic influ­ences.  These Karmic influ­ences (seven sources that effect our rela­tion­ships) deter­mine our men­tal atti­tude and the way we react to life’s hap­pen­ings.  These men­tal out­looks can­not be changed overnight.  It takes time to mold new thought pat­terns and it is only through dis­ci­pline and con­sis­tency that we out­grow old habits and estab­lish new trends.   These karmic influ­ences  and the neg­a­tive pat­terns that are estab­lished is why so many peo­ple are in ther­apy.  Reg­u­lar Kriya style yoga and med­i­ta­tion found with Kun­dalini yoga gives you the tech­nol­ogy to help you resolve and under­stand these old pat­terns so you may estab­lish the health­i­est of existence.

These seven karmic influ­ences con­tribute to our psy­cho­log­i­cal  con­di­tion­ing deter­min­ing how our phys­i­cal body relates to our emo­tional and men­tal inhi­bi­tions.  In these bod­ies are life­times of expe­ri­ences, both trau­matic and strength­en­ing, and our phys­i­cal being reflects how we faced chal­lenges in the past.  These earthly expe­ri­ences and lessons has added up to the wis­dom that resides on our deep­est level.

1-Our debts and past lives–this is karma (more on that next week)-We carry this into our phys­i­cal self at birth

2-Our Father–Since the soul must be con­tained within a ves­sel to live on earth, it must inhibit a body.  When the soul decides to return to earth, it chooses two par­ents it believes will be a per­fect match in terms of car­ry­ing out its mis­sion of karmic oblig­a­tion or respon­si­bil­i­ties.  What­ever  your soul needs in this life­time will be estab­lished by your birth partents.

3-Our Mother–the zygote is formed-union of both genes come together cre­at­ing a new pool of genet­ics or blue­print of this life.  Some of the pat­terns you have are inher­ited.  Many will con­tinue the same pat­tern from the past.

4-Mother’s Womb–This is where many of our idio­syn­crasies such as likes, dis­likes, hopes, fears, and anx­i­eties of your mother becomes apart an intrin­sic part of your psyche.

5-How your par­ents raised you, most specif­i­cally between the ages of one to eleven.  This is where all the neg­a­tive and pos­i­tive con­di­tion­ing took place.   All the things that may plague you now hap­pened dur­ing those cru­cial years.  At age eight the pineal gland begins to degen­er­ate and sex­ual mat­u­ra­tion ini­ti­ated by the release of hor­mones from the pitu­itary gland.  Because there is an imbal­ance between the pranic body and men­tal body one needs to oppor­tu­nity to bal­ance the sym­pa­thetic (pingala-right prana chan­nel) and parasym­pa­thetic (IDa-left prana chan­nel) ner­vous sys­tem.  At the age of 11 your cen­tral char­ac­ter has been molded.

6-Your envi­ron­ment–So if you grew up an abu­sive envi­ron­ment you may grow up think­ing abuse is accept­able.  This is how the envi­ron­ment becomes apart of the pat­terns.  The inten­sity of the expe­ri­ence whether it joy, sad­ness or pain, will deter­mine the force of the imprint.  These imprints become the seedbeds in which our thoughts and actions bloom and grow, becom­ing the gar­den of our present and future expe­ri­ences.  The mind is like a computer-all it knows has been pro­grammed into our mem­ory.  There­fore when the mind is con­fronted with a new sit­u­a­tion, it retrieves the data nec­es­sary to process the com­mands from the pro­gram of our past expe­ri­ences.  All rela­tions sub­se­quent to our pri­mary ones and those we formed long ago with fam­ily mem­bers will always engen­der the same reac­tions.  That is because the mind, a crea­ture of habit, likes to attach itself to old, famil­iar pat­terns since that is all it knows.  This psy­cho­log­i­cal con­di­tion­ing is made up of our dis­likes, likes, prej­u­dices, frus­tra­tions, neg­a­tive human qual­i­ties, atti­tudes, habits, expe­ri­ences, regrets, fears, anger, anx­i­eties, guilt, shame, and more.  There­fore, our sub­con­scious urges keep us for­ever in a loop con­sist­ing of the past expe­ri­ences of our con­scious mind, which are the real obsta­cles to your happiness.

7-The planet, solar, or uni­ver­sal ener­gies that are affil­i­ated with your birth­day.  They have dif­fer­ent ener­getic impacts on you through­out the year as we move through 52 day cycles.  In order from Sun­day through Sat­ur­day they stand for Sun, Moon, Mars, Mer­cury, Jupiter, Venus, Sat­urn.  These same plan­e­tary objects also have an ener­getic con­nec­tion to the dig­its of your fin­gers.  That is why it is com­mon to see yogic med­i­ta­tions, mantra, and mudra com­bined to cre­ate a desired inten­tion or affect.

For a more in depth oppor­tu­nity to work through your Karma more effi­ciently I offer seven ses­sions to mas­ter the self.  Con­tact me at dhyanjot@gmail.com to set an appoint­ment to begin the mas­tery of your life….

These fac­tors will deter­mine whether  we will undergo suf­fer­ing and pain or hap­pi­ness and joy.

Six step process to elim­i­nate the neg­a­tive karmic influences:

1-Identify the influences

2-Observe and ana­lyze your thoughts and emo­tional patterns-journal

3-Accept and take respon­si­bil­ity for the self-deception, hypocrisy, and small mind­ed­ness that is estab­lished.  For­give your­self and con­tinue on

4-Evaluate–direct the thoughts-learn to accept the good ones and neu­tral­ize and trans­mute the destruc­tive ones.

5-Meditate–Face it-make it be known to you-As long as the karma is unknown or invis­i­ble by the ego, then it can­not be healed.  Use zero or still point in the mind with mantra sound cur­rent to cre­ate new imprints in the mind

6-Understand–see the big picture-ease the men­tal agi­ta­tion and go beyond your con­scious mind to expe­ri­ence true self heal­ing.  Let go and just be dur­ing  your med­i­ta­tion.  Use breath, mudra, mantra, and still point focus.

Each week we prac­tice dif­fer­ent phys­i­cal move­ments, mantras, and mudras to explore these areas of self under­stand­ing and aware­ness cre­at­ing a road map to release old bur­dens and re-establish pat­terns that cre­ate lib­er­a­tion in the body so you have more joy and hap­pi­ness in your life.  It is this reg­u­lar dis­ci­pline and con­sis­tency that will make all the dif­fer­ence in your progress.  It is not always com­fort­able at first and may even seem awk­ward to hold a posi­tion or chant, but it does give you the oppor­tu­nity to break the pat­terns that has made you in this present state.

It does take courage, under­stand­ing, action, and deter­mi­na­tion to cre­ate a change in these pat­terns.  Prac­tice Kun­dalini yoga, par­tic­i­pate in cleans­ing, clear your energy with sound vibra­tion, and med­i­tate daily and you will begin to actively burn your karma one day at a time.  Kun­dalini yoga will burn the Karma at an accel­er­ated pace.

Dhyan­jot from Evo­lu­tion Well­ness and Nutrition

Go to www.jotyoga.com for more information

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