Yogi Bhajan on the Zodiac Signs

The Twelve Signs

By Yogi Bhajan

The zodiac sign is always sym­bolic to a per­son. It means that this is your base. This is what you have been granted in rela­tion to the ani­mal nature. From this com­par­i­son of the ani­mal nature, you are sup­posed to grow into a human being with a cal­iber that is very noble and graceful.

Zodiac sign sym­bols were made for man. Astron­omy is what the heav­ens are. Astrol­ogy is how the con­stel­la­tions are affect­ing, from the heav­ens, our exis­tence on the earth and what we should do to rise above it.


When the uni­verse and all its stars

Start danc­ing and cross­ing the orbit

Leav­ing trails of light in the tri­an­gles of the zigzag…

The very exis­tence and its loy­alty are called Aries!


When the meek becomes mighty

And right­eous­ness comes down into the cen­ter of the Self,

And soft­ness pas­sion­ately takes over the kindness…

The uni­verse comes through with a stand­ing ovation,

Bless­ing the grace of the power of the Lord.

That is the mighty bull, the Taurus!


When inno­cence loves innocence

And open­ness becomes secretive,

And the blend of the three worlds–

Past, present and future – comes to an end…

Then Gem­ini is experienced!


When all the stars dance around the moon

Reflect­ing the mighty sun in the dawn of the day

And in the beauty of the sunset…

The total sum is the chil­dren of the moon

Reflect­ing through tears

The Self and the selfless

That is the Cancer!


When I was whisk­ing away in the meadow

I heard the roar of the lion

And saw their pride laugh­ing at me,

Because I couldn’t be like them…

Mas­ter of the beast…Singha!


In the crys­tal Self

I saw the sophis­ti­cated plight of the cool­ness of the moon

And the light­ness of the breeze

Show­er­ing kisses in the morning,

And the beauty of a tiny crys­tal of dew – the purity of water

And the nur­tur­ing essence of fire below in the sun…

Eye was amazed being a Virgo!


When the Divine needs to be fig­ured out,

Abil­ity needs to be experienced,

Divin­ity needs to be practiced,

And the human wants to see the light…

The bal­ance of Libra cre­ates har­mony with ecstasy of consciousness

To pre­serve the dig­nity of all liv­ing creatures.

The domain of Libras exists

In that sus­tained state of consciousness

Where the law of life is balanced.

In that exis­tence the human can serve

The dark and the light

With the equal­ity of love.


When all the akashic records are seized to be one

With the force o the wind and the power of the stars,

And when the Lord of the air and ego

Attacks and eats the con­scious­ness of the world…

The danc­ing cobra, Scor­pio, is realized!

From noth­ing to everything…

From every­thing to nothing…

In one moment!


When the power of the beast sur­passes all limits,

And when the Infin­ity merges in the bounty of realization,

The sophis­ti­ca­tion of that virtue is the Sagittarius!


When all move­ment comes to an end

And end­less becomes endlessness…

When the total­ity of God

And the mighty sense of the beauty of wisdom

Enjoys the rela­tion­ships with the lofty char­ac­ter of firmness…

Capri­corn is born to glo­rify the world for his total firmness!


When the most won­der­ful and exalted Self of the being,

Starts flow­ing like heav­enly nectars

In the very being of all that it sees, touches, smells and penetrates…

In that flow of life, Aquar­ius exists as a lily in a pool of water.


Every­thing from begin­ning to end

In the beauty and the bias of life

Which runs in circles

And keeps the his­tory of the uni­verse in records,

Chas­ing from tail to tail…

And when all the char­ac­ter­is­tics of the character

Become hum­ble and re-emerge to resurrect…

Then Pisces is born!

Like a slip­pery fish which can­not live with­out water,

Though water can live with­out it,

To prove the glory of non-existence

In the exis­tence of tomorrow.

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