Sculpt Fusion Gong Immersion

Awak­en­ing Insights Gong Immersion

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Price: $40 Today-Walk ins welcome

Space Avail­able.  Please be there by no later than 6:50 pm to register



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Loca­tion:  Sculp Fusion in Carmel Valley

4639 Carmel Moun­tain Rd # 102, San Diego, CA 92130

Time:  August 26th 7–9 pm (please arrive 15 min­utes early to set­tle in)

First let us honor and cel­e­brate Yogi Bhajan’s Birth­day on August 26th.  A great teacher that helped thou­sand of peo­ple in the West awaken insights of their inter­nal truth and self awareness.

Come join Dhyan­jot, cos­mic heal­ing jour­ney­man, on an adven­ture into sound heal­ing fea­tur­ing an ensem­ble of plan­e­tary gongs, ethe­real flute, the mag­i­cal hand pan, and high vibra­tion singing bowls along with a vari­ety of other tech­niques of sound healing

It is time to reset your body and mind dur­ing this busy time by tak­ing a moment to fill your­self with love vibra­tions and insights that come from your heart mind.

This wax­ing moon sound ses­sion is just the oppor­tu­nity to acknowl­edges Sat­urn going direct(been in ret­ro­grade since April) giv­ing you an oppor­tu­nity to break free from old self lim­it­ing par­a­digms and help­ing you tune into deep ful­fill­ing insights from the past that will guide you to free­dom in the future (due to Mer­cury mak­ing an infe­rior con­junct to the Sun on August 26th just as Sat­urn moves for­ward).   A per­fect time to grasp the epipha­nies of life and make the best of them.

Astrol­ogy Note:
The cos­mic Astrol­ogy con­nec­tion is aligned well on August 26th to help you explore deeper realms of per­sonal insight and aware­ness.  A day to awaken stag­nant reflec­tion into action­able insights that come from the dark­ness of the uncon­scious mind that has been spin­ning in your con­tem­pla­tion state for the past 4 months dur­ing Sat­urn ret­ro­grade. This is the moment to find clar­ity.
The Solar Eclipse on Mon­day, which is cos­mi­cally designed to cre­ate more space in your life, along with the for­ward mov­ing wax­ing moon cre­ates an oppor­tu­nity to see the past as a epiphany of what you need to ful­fill in your future.   Even with Mer­cury ret­ro­grade, (its ok to embrace reflec­tive Mer­cury ret­ro­grade until Sept. 5th)  there is enough intro­spec­tive flow with Saturn’s push for­ward and the Moon inspi­ra­tions to make past insights pre­pared for actions on Sep­tem­ber 6th Full moon when Mer­cury goes direct.




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