The Process

Life is an adven­ture Enjoy the jour­ney
Sus­tain­able Health and Wellness-It is time to live with vitality

The Process:

You are a whole per­son and my job is to guide you on a jour­ney of self dis­cov­ery so you may take back your power and take respon­si­bil­ity for your health.  We will dis­cuss your Ayurvedic,  Mac­ro­bi­otic, and Tra­di­tional Chi­nese Med­i­cine con­sti­tu­tional traits; genetic back­ground; blood type;  alkaline/Acid basis; calo­rie and nutri­ent intake; and envi­ron­men­tal and lifestyle influ­ences on your nutri­tional health and well being.  (See Method­ol­ogy page for more information)

We will dis­cuss your pre­ferred pace and over­all goals for well being

We will dis­cuss your com­mit­ment to the journey

I will edu­cate you in cer­tain nutri­tional prin­ci­ples so that you may adjust your pro­ce­dures at your pace and at your com­mit­ment so that you can start build­ing health and vital­ity.  The first step is now.

Five Fac­tors of good health:

1-Stop adding tox­ins into body or on skin
2-clear out exist­ing tox­ins
3-Physiological rest (organs)
4-Nutritional for­ti­fi­ca­tion
5-Commitment to journey

In nutri­tion, one shoe does not fit every client.  There is not just one type of lifestyle or diet that is good for every­one.   Every­one has a dif­fer­ent puz­zle to put together dur­ing their jour­ney and what is ben­e­fi­cial for one per­son may not be as ben­e­fi­cial for the next per­son.  My goal is to give the client ideal con­sti­tu­tional infor­ma­tion so they can adjust their daily pro­ce­dures at your own pace.

Con­sti­tu­tion:  Refers to a person’s orig­i­nal, innate, struc­tural blue­print.  It serves as a base upon which the body’s con­stantly chang­ing daily func­tions are built upon.  In my assess­ment I will review ones con­sti­tu­tion and dis­cover any imbal­ances in diet and lifestyle and make rec­om­men­da­tions to bring you back to bal­ance with your orig­i­nal con­sti­tu­tion so you may get closer to your goals and dreams.

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