Understanding Influences of Karma

Deeper under­stand­ing of Karma and how do you over­come its influences:

Every­thing is stored in the Akashic records.  Noth­ing is ever lost or for­got­ten and karma is devel­oped for us to work through to dis­solve unre­solved entan­gle­ments and accrued emo­tional debts.  Work­ing through these unre­solved issues allows one to dilute the neg­a­tive impact from our past actions and turn them into pos­i­tive energy for our per­sonal poten­tial.  This enables you to take respon­si­bil­ity for your own des­tiny and begin to fol­low your true path.

Our past shapes what we are now and what we are to become in the future.  That is your des­tiny.  Every­thing is recorded and becomes apart of your mem­ory:  psy­cho­log­i­cal mem­ory, which is a com­bi­na­tion of old impres­sions, likes, dis­likes, and prej­u­dices. This mem­ory can be an obsta­cle to your health and rela­tion­ships.   The sec­ond kind of mem­ory is called tech­ni­cal mem­ory which is like sci­en­tific knowl­edge.  Tech­ni­cal mem­ory is not a detri­ment, in fact it is essen­tial to our every­day prac­ti­cal life.  It is how we cal­cu­late deci­sions so that we do not cre­ate harm to our­selves in this life.  Our psy­cho­log­i­cal mind col­ors our per­cep­tions of real­ity and some­times leads you to impul­sive behav­ior that causes pain, suf­fer­ing, and disease.

We must over­come these pat­terns and habits in the psy­cho­log­i­cal mind that have been stored and car­ried from incar­na­tion to incar­na­tion.  Whether you believe in incar­na­tions of the soul or not doesn’t really mat­ter because it is what it is whether or or not your intel­lec­tual mind wants to accept it.  You have noth­ing to lose to under­stand the con­cept so you may take cer­tain pro­ce­dures to influ­ence these pat­terns.  These old pat­terns can cre­ate healthy or unhealthy results in our lives.  In the book the Divine Doc­tor, by Joseph Michael Levry, he refers to the psy­cho­log­i­cal mem­ory as the seven karmic influ­ences.  These Karmic influ­ences (seven sources that effect our rela­tion­ships) deter­mine our men­tal atti­tude and the way we react to life’s hap­pen­ings.  These men­tal out­looks can­not be changed overnight.  It takes time to mold new thought pat­terns and it is only through dis­ci­pline and con­sis­tency that we out­grow old habits and estab­lish new trends.   These karmic influ­ences  and the neg­a­tive pat­terns that are estab­lished is why so many peo­ple are in ther­apy.  Reg­u­lar Kriya style yoga and med­i­ta­tion found with Kun­dalini yoga gives you the tech­nol­ogy to help you resolve and under­stand these old pat­terns so you may estab­lish the health­i­est of existence.

These seven karmic influ­ences con­tribute to our psy­cho­log­i­cal  con­di­tion­ing deter­min­ing how our phys­i­cal body relates to our emo­tional and men­tal inhi­bi­tions.  In these bod­ies are life­times of expe­ri­ences, both trau­matic and strength­en­ing, and our phys­i­cal being reflects how we faced chal­lenges in the past.  These earthly expe­ri­ences and lessons has added up to the wis­dom that resides on our deep­est level.

1-Our debts and past lives–this is karma (more on that next week)-We carry this into our phys­i­cal self at birth

2-Our Father–Since the soul must be con­tained within a ves­sel to live on earth, it must inhibit a body.  When the soul decides to return to earth, it chooses two par­ents it believes will be a per­fect match in terms of car­ry­ing out its mis­sion of karmic oblig­a­tion or respon­si­bil­i­ties.  What­ever  your soul needs in this life­time will be estab­lished by your birth partents.

3-Our Mother–the zygote is formed-union of both genes come together cre­at­ing a new pool of genet­ics or blue­print of this life.  Some of the pat­terns you have are inher­ited.  Many will con­tinue the same pat­tern from the past.

4-Mother’s Womb–This is where many of our idio­syn­crasies such as likes, dis­likes, hopes, fears, and anx­i­eties of your mother becomes apart an intrin­sic part of your psyche.

5-How your par­ents raised you, most specif­i­cally between the ages of one to eleven.  This is where all the neg­a­tive and pos­i­tive con­di­tion­ing took place.   All the things that may plague you now hap­pened dur­ing those cru­cial years.  At age eight the pineal gland begins to degen­er­ate and sex­ual mat­u­ra­tion ini­ti­ated by the release of hor­mones from the pitu­itary gland.  Because there is an imbal­ance between the pranic body and men­tal body one needs to oppor­tu­nity to bal­ance the sym­pa­thetic (pingala-right prana chan­nel) and parasym­pa­thetic (IDa-left prana chan­nel) ner­vous sys­tem.  At the age of 11 your cen­tral char­ac­ter has been molded.

6-Your envi­ron­ment–So if you grew up an abu­sive envi­ron­ment you may grow up think­ing abuse is accept­able.  This is how the envi­ron­ment becomes apart of the pat­terns.  The inten­sity of the expe­ri­ence whether it joy, sad­ness or pain, will deter­mine the force of the imprint.  These imprints become the seedbeds in which our thoughts and actions bloom and grow, becom­ing the gar­den of our present and future expe­ri­ences.  The mind is like a computer-all it knows has been pro­grammed into our mem­ory.  There­fore when the mind is con­fronted with a new sit­u­a­tion, it retrieves the data nec­es­sary to process the com­mands from the pro­gram of our past expe­ri­ences.  All rela­tions sub­se­quent to our pri­mary ones and those we formed long ago with fam­ily mem­bers will always engen­der the same reac­tions.  That is because the mind, a crea­ture of habit, likes to attach itself to old, famil­iar pat­terns since that is all it knows.  This psy­cho­log­i­cal con­di­tion­ing is made up of our dis­likes, likes, prej­u­dices, frus­tra­tions, neg­a­tive human qual­i­ties, atti­tudes, habits, expe­ri­ences, regrets, fears, anger, anx­i­eties, guilt, shame, and more.  There­fore, our sub­con­scious urges keep us for­ever in a loop con­sist­ing of the past expe­ri­ences of our con­scious mind, which are the real obsta­cles to your happiness.

7-The planet, solar, or uni­ver­sal ener­gies that are affil­i­ated with your birth­day.  They have dif­fer­ent ener­getic impacts on you through­out the year as we move through 52 day cycles.  In order from Sun­day through Sat­ur­day they stand for Sun, Moon, Mars, Mer­cury, Jupiter, Venus, Sat­urn.  These same plan­e­tary objects also have an ener­getic con­nec­tion to the dig­its of your fin­gers.  That is why it is com­mon to see yogic med­i­ta­tions, mantra, and mudra com­bined to cre­ate a desired inten­tion or affect.

For a more in depth oppor­tu­nity to work through your Karma more effi­ciently I offer seven ses­sions to mas­ter the self.  Con­tact me at dhyanjot@gmail.com to set an appoint­ment to begin the mas­tery of your life….

These fac­tors will deter­mine whether  we will undergo suf­fer­ing and pain or hap­pi­ness and joy.

Six step process to elim­i­nate the neg­a­tive karmic influences:

1-Identify the influences

2-Observe and ana­lyze your thoughts and emo­tional patterns-journal

3-Accept and take respon­si­bil­ity for the self-deception, hypocrisy, and small mind­ed­ness that is estab­lished.  For­give your­self and con­tinue on

4-Evaluate–direct the thoughts-learn to accept the good ones and neu­tral­ize and trans­mute the destruc­tive ones.

5-Meditate–Face it-make it be known to you-As long as the karma is unknown or invis­i­ble by the ego, then it can­not be healed.  Use zero or still point in the mind with mantra sound cur­rent to cre­ate new imprints in the mind

6-Understand–see the big picture-ease the men­tal agi­ta­tion and go beyond your con­scious mind to expe­ri­ence true self heal­ing.  Let go and just be dur­ing  your med­i­ta­tion.  Use breath, mudra, mantra, and still point focus.

Each week we prac­tice dif­fer­ent phys­i­cal move­ments, mantras, and mudras to explore these areas of self under­stand­ing and aware­ness cre­at­ing a road map to release old bur­dens and re-establish pat­terns that cre­ate lib­er­a­tion in the body so you have more joy and hap­pi­ness in your life.  It is this reg­u­lar dis­ci­pline and con­sis­tency that will make all the dif­fer­ence in your progress.  It is not always com­fort­able at first and may even seem awk­ward to hold a posi­tion or chant, but it does give you the oppor­tu­nity to break the pat­terns that has made you in this present state.

It does take courage, under­stand­ing, action, and deter­mi­na­tion to cre­ate a change in these pat­terns.  Prac­tice Kun­dalini yoga, par­tic­i­pate in cleans­ing, clear your energy with sound vibra­tion, and med­i­tate daily and you will begin to actively burn your karma one day at a time.  Kun­dalini yoga will burn the Karma at an accel­er­ated pace.

Dhyan­jot from Evo­lu­tion Well­ness and Nutrition

Go to www.jotyoga.com for more information

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