Abun­dance is the oppor­tu­nity to expand one­self into areas beyond your per­sonal com­fort zone of expe­ri­ence.  Is it time to expand your­self in areas of love, rela­tion­ships, money, health, and joy. What is abun­dance for you?  You decide…

Plant­ing the Seed of Abun­dance and move into a state of Prosperity

Once you release and let go (we all know this is an ongo­ing process) then we want to plant the seed in fer­tile soil, give atten­tion to the seed daily, and then sup­port the seed with nutri­ents and water.  Ask your­self , how well do I sup­port my wants and needs?   Are you just go, go, go or do you take the time to nur­ture your well being in the process of growth? Be hon­est with your­self?  Is it time to take it seri­ously?   I teach spe­cialty kriyas that mag­nify green energy and focus on fer­til­iz­ing the seeds with the law of attrac­tion.  Prac­tic­ing these green energy kriyas sup­ports the plant­ing of your seed so that your may trans­form your wants and needs into full man­i­fes­ta­tion.  Your seeds need daily atten­tion and weekly sup­port so that your dreams can be your reality.

In this process be sure to choose your thoughts care­fully, as your thoughts and actions will cre­ate your real­ity.  When your thoughts and feel­ings are in action then the uni­verse starts to arrange (the uni­verse does not man­i­fest immediately-it would be dan­ger­ous) what is needed to ful­fill what your wants are.  If you are not clear on your wants and beliefs then the uni­verse will send you mixed sig­nals.    Do not resist what the uni­verse deliv­ers.  Be assured that what you receive is what you asked for and remem­ber what you resist will per­sist.
When you push against some­thing you cre­ate an energy of attrac­tion.  Believe it or not you have attracted every­thing that is around you now.  I know that is some­times hard to accept.  But that is the real­ity.  That is why going to inten­tional yoga classes, repeat­ing pos­i­tive affir­ma­tions, chant­ing sacred sounds and using hand mudras will direct and strengthen your con­nec­tion to your­self and the energy of the uni­verses.  The uni­verse is unlim­ited and abun­dant.  Be in align­ment with what serves the uni­verse and the uni­verse will serve you.

Use the fol­low­ing best prac­tices to focus on cre­at­ing your world and using energy and the power of your inten­tions to cre­ate that world.

1-Decide what you want

2-Believe you can have it

3-Believe you deserve it

4-Believe it is pos­si­ble for you

5-Visualizing it already exist­ing in your world of manifestation

6-Sending your inten­tion like a let­ter to the universe

Inter­nally with our eyes closed we have the abil­ity to visu­al­ize and man­i­fest any­thing.  Can you believe it to exist?  Are there any obsta­cles to your beliefs?  Start with sim­ple visu­al­iza­tions and work your way to what it is you really want.  It takes an open exter­nal and inter­nal ear to really under­stand and re-direct your thoughts to this place of a des­ti­na­tion.  Many times the best way to receive abun­dance is through the gate­way of still­ness, patience, and the abil­ity to receive and do noth­ing but lis­ten and respond by being in the flow of the self gen­er­at­ing energy.

7-Attract pros­per­ity with phys­i­cal yoga exer­cises, mantra, mudra and group meditations.

8-Create a true feel­ing that can be sent out through the eyes of your vision

9-Trust that the Uni­verse will pro­vide the guid­ance and results to sat­isfy your wants

10-Listen to your heart sound con­nect­ing to intuition-Deep inter-communication-open your­self to receive

11-Take Action-Fulfilling your action potential-Prosperity-Are your actions in align­ment with what you want

12-Develop your hid­den great­ness with for­give­ness and patience and the will­ing­ness to put in the prac­tice to develop your potential

13-Maintaining a state of joy, opti­mism and gratitude-Magnet for abundance

Ok, so you planted the seed, devel­oped your beliefs and started to prac­tice visu­al­iza­tion tech­niques along with the imple­men­ta­tion of  mantra, mudra, pranayam, and asana to release and/or attract energy. Now it is time to be patient and trust that the uni­verse will pro­vide exactly what you need.   As your align­ment devel­ops con­tinue to eval­u­ate what is open­ing and con­tinue to re-coup, re-organize, re-assess, and re-evaluate your wants and needs to send clar­ity out into the uni­verse.  Assess how your feel­ings are in rela­tion­ship with what the uni­verse presents to you.   Then turn it over to the uni­verse, be patient and trust in its man­i­fes­ta­tion.  What does it present to you?  Review these options and see what it is that you really want.  Trust devel­ops your human­ity to ele­vate your­self and your spirit.  Trust is the basis of your faith in your­self and a com­mit­ment to your sense of real­ity.  Trust is about open­ing your gate­way to work from the inside out.

Dur­ing non action trust sits at the thresh­old of the action (oppor­tu­nity).  Once you rec­og­nize the truth you can step through the door into action know­ing that it is exactly where you need to be.  At the thresh­old of non-action one should approach the next action with con­tem­pla­tion.  Each time take 9 sec­onds or 9 min­utes (depend­ing on the sever­ity of the decision)to reflect and assess what is hid­den deep down inside of you.  This reflec­tion allows you to expose your true beliefs and exam­ine things before you can take right action.  As you stand in the gate­way in the present moment, you will see your life that stands behind while you visu­al­ize what is beyond your present moment.  It is impor­tant to gaze deep inside at your beliefs with­out seek­ing so that the present moment endures.  Before you step past the gate­way, pause and review the past; learn­ings and the joys, vic­to­ries and the sor­rows and every­thing it took to bring you to this moment.  Observe it all, bless it all, and let go of it all.  It is when you let go of the past, live in the present and have a clear vision of the future (with­out seek­ing) that you reclaims your power and con­fi­dence of the infi­nite pos­si­bilites.  It is time to be patient and trust the process…

Your patience brings you to a state of deep lis­ten­ing.  It cre­ates space for you to rec­og­nize your inner voice.  Con­nect­ing to your intu­itive zone enables you to respond or adjust your inten­tions to syn­er­gize with your per­sonal com­fort zone at this time. Tim­ing is brought to you rather than you chas­ing time.  The next step before tak­ing action is to con­tem­plate the uni­verse response to your wants in rela­tion­ship to your beliefs.

To take deci­sive action you must under­stand what the inner voice sounds like along with the dimen­sions, strength and power that resides within.  Do you lis­ten to the inner voice or do you find your­self ignor­ing its direc­tion.  It is no longer a time to reassess but a time to find the space inside to lis­ten, inter­nally com­mu­ni­cate and find you per­sonal connection.

Now that the inner voice is clear then it is time to take action.  Act imme­di­ately when the Uni­verse presents itself to you. When you set an inten­tion, then the uni­verse will respond with some­thing.  It is impor­tant to respond imme­di­ately.  Within 9 sec­onds for small deci­sions, 9 min­utes for impor­tant deci­sions, and 9 hours for life chang­ing deci­sions.  Use the jour­nal­ing process to help with your assess­ment.  Then make a deci­sive deci­sion or re-evaluate your intention.

Develop your hid­den great­ness and your prosperity:

Now that we have explored and under­stand the dif­fer­ent aspects of pros­per­ity and how it works, now is the time to draw the uni­verse to us and expe­ri­ence the expan­sion.  Real­ize that with expan­sion and pros­per­ity comes great respon­si­bil­ity so when you explore these realms it is ok to for­give your­self or even pull back a lit­tle to find con­tent­ment for the pace of your growth.

It is impor­tant dur­ing this jour­ney to under­stand that as we grow some­times we face obsta­cles or stones in our path.  By relat­ing and releas­ing releas­ing phys­i­cal and emo­tional stag­na­tions or pain and its neg­a­tive impact can be the first step to mov­ing on down the road.  As you take your next step it is impor­tant to be able be con­fi­dent and be in con­trol of your own actions in response to your growth.

The per­cep­tion of pros­per­ity is that every­thing is per­fect.  This is not the case.  It is dif­fer­ent cir­cum­stance for every­one and every­one has the oppor­tu­nity to have it.  Pros­per­ity comes from the com­mit­ment, courage, and insight to what you want to be.  Pros­per­ity is when you become what you truly iden­tify with and become who you really are.  This is your potential.

One must expand them­selves in some way to pros­per more than there present sit­u­a­tion. The first ques­tion is what is pros­per­ity to you?  Define it in details?  Is pros­per­ity love, rela­tion­ships, money, or good health?  Come with these inten­tions to explore dur­ing class this week.  What actions are you tak­ing after you send out your want to the uni­verse?  If it is love then are you find­ing ways to open your heart through yoga, music, art or some other inspi­ra­tion?  Is it rela­tion­ships?  Are you becom­ing more accept­ing, lis­ten­ing, for­giv­ing and liv­ing, speak­ing, and tak­ing actions with integrity?  Is pros­per­ity money and liveli­hood?  Are you tak­ing the steps to bet­ter learn your trade or new trade; do you invest in your future; Do you write down, plan, and set goals and inten­tions that align with the wants and do you reassess them daily?  Do you sur­round your­self with peo­ple that have sim­i­lar goals and aspi­ra­tions?  Is pros­per­ity good health?  Do you take the steps each day to pay atten­tion to what you put in your mouth?  Do you make an effort and sched­ule for phys­i­cal activ­ity and yoga?  Do you give your body reg­u­lar main­te­nance checks and clean­ings?  Do you seek out and con­sult those who can guide you to bet­ter health and well­ness?  Do you take respon­si­bil­ity for your own state of well­ness based on your choices and other envi­ron­men­tal sit­u­a­tions that you have placed your­self in.  Do you look for the quick tem­po­rary result instead of approach­ing the whole self through its inter­re­la­tion­ship between phys­i­cal and the emo­tional self and how it effects your well-being?

All that being said let me ask you another ques­tion?  Have you ever worked for a com­pany that is or was grow­ing its busi­ness?  If so then you real­ize that with expan­sion comes many chal­lenges and obsta­cle that have to be over­come for that growth.

So as you enter areas of heal­ing and expan­sion for your­self real­ize that you will come across obsta­cles and choices in the road that will either enhance your poten­tial to reach pros­per­ity or divert you down another path.  Have some per­sis­tence and deter­mi­na­tion to this quest to be on your path.  The school room of earth will con­tinue to test, guide you and trans­form you to your high­est poten­tial.  You have a choice on this jour­ney.  Will you choose to open you eyes to the light of aware­ness or you will you live with blind­ers on and live the life of trial and error that results in pain and suf­fer­ing where becom­ing numb becomes the only other option.

You will even­tu­ally come back to the same fork in the road because your avoid­ance or diver­sion onto another path will keep you bring­ing you back to the same fork until you have the courage to take that next step.  After mak­ing the mis­takes and suf­fer­ing even­tu­ally you will take the path that embraces your pros­per­ity even if the road is a lit­tle bumpy at first.  It is some­times like walk­ing down a bumpy and maybe you can only see a few steps down the road and that is when the mantra of expan­sion, “trust”, becomes under­stood.  The more we prac­tice, become aware, and learn together then the road becomes smooth, the forks in the road have sig­nage, and the road becomes clear for miles ahead.

Mov­ing through these phys­i­cal, men­tal, emo­tional, and spir­i­tual block­ages that cause the pain and suf­fer­ing dur­ing this process is a sig­nal of progress in reach­ing your poten­tial.  Know that you are not alone and every­one expe­ri­ence the same jour­ney man­i­fest­ing in dif­fer­ent ways.  When you have courage, trust your­self and the uni­verse, and open your heart then you will be embrac­ing your path and when you are on your path you will become exactly who you are and exactly who you want to be-That is prosperity.

If you keep an atti­tude of grat­i­tude that sus­tains joy and hap­pi­ness then you will feed your being the resources that attracts abun­dance and prosperity.

There are many tech­niques that I teach each week to make the process acces­si­ble and more enjoy­able.  These tech­niques help con­nect to your inter-communication so that you may access the answers within.

If you do not believe on any level your want then refor­mu­late your want until you do!  Revisit your wants every day to see if its in align­ment with your beliefs.

Keep send­ing out your inten­tion to the uni­verse until the uni­verse sends you the result you expect.  If the result is not what you expect, then con­sider refor­mu­lat­ing your want.  Remem­ber it is not the result you are send­ing out but only the want!  Keep for­mu­lat­ing the want daily until it is in align­ment with your true beliefs.  If you are hon­est with your­self then the uni­verse will be hon­est with you. This takes daily men­tal effort and proper action to suc­ceed.  Be con­sis­tent, con­fi­dent and persistent.

Remem­ber that some­times you have to sac­ri­fice some­thing to open the space for some­thing else.  Some­times it is time and some­times it is cer­tain rela­tion­ships.  Be pre­pared to re-visit these ques­tions as you fully dis­cover what you want.

This is an ongo­ing blog…I also teach classes and work­shops on man­i­fes­ta­tion and prosperity…Go to www.jotyoga.com for more information

Your indi­vid­ual effort will bring you into a state of pros­per­ity in your own self real­iza­tion. When you self real­ize your indi­vid­ual con­scious­ness then you start to develop the under­stand­ing of group con­scious­ness and how that sup­port brings you to uni­ver­sal con­scious­ness.  Group con­scious­ness is your abil­ity to com­mu­ni­cate and be sen­si­tive to oth­ers while under­stand­ing your part in some­thing greater.  Even though you have to use your own will and com­mit­ment, in real­ity the indi­vid­ual effort is sup­ported and expanded by the group.   Abun­dance never lives alone and is always expand­ing for those who choose to participate. ”


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