Gong Immersion

Gong Concert-La Jolla Yoga CenterExpe­ri­ence the sacred vibra­tion and trans­for­ma­tion ben­e­fits of heal­ing gongs and sound.

Gong Immer­sions are on var­i­ous Fri­day, Sat­ur­day and Sun­day Nights on a monthly basis.  Check out the web front page for future times of upcom­ing gong immer­sion events.  Fri­day night immer­sions rep­re­sents Venus and the god­dess of Love.  Jour­ney with Venus Gong and her ensem­ble of plan­e­tary gongs on Fri­day Night gong immer­sion night and be embraced with infi­nite love and joy of her vibra­tion.  Sat­ur­day night is rep­re­sented by Sat­urn and intro­spec­tion.  On Sat­ur­day gong immer­sions we dive deep into the depths of our being and observe the depth of the self.  Sat­ur­day is the day to go deep inside to find the answers.  Sun­day night is rep­re­sented by the Sun.  It is a day to con­nect to your iden­tity and ful­fill your deep­est desires.  It is your day of rebirth into the new week.  A day to release and start anew.

All Sound bath gong immer­sions are designed for open­ing block­ages, neu­tral­iz­ing ten­sion and increas­ing the heal­ing poten­tial of the human body.  Each immer­sion embraces the sound tech­nol­ogy to attract pro­tec­tive and guid­ing light that is gen­er­ated by our solar sys­tem.    Each planet rep­re­sents a dif­fer­ent energy and vibra­tion based on its move­ment around the Sun.  Each immer­sion has a dif­fer­ent com­bi­na­tion of gongs rep­re­sent­ing the solar sys­tem and other heal­ing instru­ments depend­ing on the theme related to astrology.

Each plan­e­tary gong has a unique vibra­tion that opens and trans­forms the energy vor­texes of the body to ini­ti­ate ener­getic free­dom and heal­ing. When we have ener­getic free­dom we feel alive and joy­ous while attract­ing the peo­ple and things that serve our pur­pose in life.

Some of the gongs that are usu­ally present include: Pla­tonic Earth rep­re­sent­ing clar­ity and pur­pose; Earth Year rep­re­sent­ing the Expe­ri­ence of the Jour­ney; Venus rep­re­sent­ing love, friend­ship, joy, and abun­dance; Nep­tune rep­re­sent­ing imag­i­na­tion, cre­ativ­ity, com­pas­sion, and height­ened aware­ness; Mer­cury to com­mu­ni­cate inter­nally; and ele­men­tal earth rep­re­sent­ing bal­ance and pro­tec­tion.  Other Gongs rep­re­sented depend­ing on the theme may include Mars, Niburu, Chi­ron, Moon, Sun, Accent, Jupiter, Sym­phonic, Wind, and Chao to name a few.

Other instru­ments of sound in the gong immer­sions include:

Wind gong-representing let­ting go and the open­ing of block­ages for your potential

Vari­ety of singing bowls includ­ing:  Tau­rus bowl rep­re­sent­ing ground­ing one into the experience

Wind chimes-Vehicle for mir­a­cles to be known dur­ing the experience

Native Amer­i­can Flute:  To awaken the spirit inside

Didgeri­doo:  To open your heart and ground you into the experience

Drums-occasionally-Ceremonial rhythm to your heart beat-A sym­bol­ism for oneness

Your Voice-This is your har­mony and your vibra­tion har­mo­niz­ing and cre­at­ing poten­tial.  Your thoughts in union with your voice enhances this poten­tial in a group

Bells-Occasionally-Awakens the awareness

Tibetan Chimes-Awakens the inner voice-brings one back to whole­ness with mind, body and spirit

Rainstick-A soft nur­tur­ing trickle sound that induces relaxation

Each gong immer­sion will have a dif­fer­ent theme and some­times will include a sacred cer­e­mony.   They can range from 2 ½ hours to 8 hours.  Most immer­sions are 2 ½-3 hours and include yoga warm ups to ener­get­i­cally acti­vate the energy vor­texes of the body related to the theme fol­lowed by a med­i­ta­tion (may include begin­ner style chanting).

It is a great expe­ri­ence for a first timer start­ing to explore sound and vibra­tion to the reg­u­lar par­tic­i­pant explor­ing a dif­fer­ent per­spec­tive depend­ing on the theme.

Gong Immer­sions take place monthly and are adver­tised on this site and are usu­ally held at Gin­seng Yoga in South Park San Diego, Grand Hall in Ocean Beach and Soul of Yoga in Encini­tas.  The loca­tion does vary depend­ing on the event.

Occa­sion­ally Dhyan­jot con­ducts sound work­shops, Nutri­tional cleanses and other retreats that include the heal­ing vibra­tion of the gongs.

Note: Prepa­ra­tion: The jour­ney will also include light phys­i­cal warms ups to pre­pare the body for accept­ing the ben­e­fits of the sound vibrations-So bring a yoga mat and com­fort­able yoga cloth­ing. Treat the expe­ri­ence as if you were camp­ing out in nature for about two-three hours– so be sure to bring some­thing com­fort­able to lay on, eye pil­low and pos­si­bly a head pillow.

Dhyan­jot, HHC, E-RYT, STGM

Sat Nam

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